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Sumo L is an ancient Japanese sport, steeped in rituals and traditions. It’s a kind of wrestling, where two wrestlers, using their body weight, size and strength, try to push each other out of the ring or force the opponent to touch the ground with any part of the body, except their feet.
SUBTILA SUMO bed is a laconic, luxury, design piece whose base sits on extremely light but sturdy cast aluminium legs. (Shiny polished or painted black)
A wide and ultra-soft bed headboard will ensure perfect comfort. Fully removable, easy-to-clean bed covers are made of distinctive quality natural leather or fabrics made by Europe’s top manufacturers in accordance with a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship. The orthopaedic base will suit different types of mattresses. Made in Lithuania.
The SUMO L bed modification is made with or without a large storage space.


COVERS: Bed covers that are fully removable for easy cleaning.
MATTRESS SIZES: 120×200; 140×200; 160×200; 180×200; 200×200 cm.
ED LEGS: Cast aluminium, shiny polished or painted
BEDDING BOX: Customisable